What is "Adorned With"?

In scripture we are called to prosper in all things including health. To prosper means to literally have an ongoing progressing state of well-being: emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Beauty is both internal and external. What we feed our bodies in every aspect will be reflected outwardly. What we eat, read, listen to, watch, how we exercise, and what we put on to our skin.

Strength according to Dr. Andy Galpin: "more high-quality, high-functioning muscle mass means a dramatically lowered work burden for the heart. It means metabolic efficiency. It means reduced fall risk and preserved quality of life with advanced age. In short, muscle is everything."

I believe that all three of these elements have a direct affect on overall health and wellness, and I will be sharing what I have learned about clean eating, green beauty, and having a healthy body, in the hopes to help equip you with the knowledge to adorn yourself with health, beauty, and strength.